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    Sound Treatments:
    Voice of the Soul

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    Healing from hatred,
    attachement & delusion

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Our Mission

Our mission is to share how we can understand the voice of the Soul through Sound Treatments. Listening to our Soul makes us peaceful and compassionate and this is what we understand as healing.Through hearing this voice, we are able to release from the 3 poisons, mentioned in Tibetan Philosophy: Attachement, Hatred and Delusion.

This voice of the Soul is often not understood. Therefore we feel it as our mission to be of service for all those, who intend to understand themselves better. We share with those visiting us, how vibrations of our body are related to our way of thinking and our spiritual understanding. We create links to Buddhism and Christianity to see the similarity of the voice of our soul and some of the teachings in those religions. We also try to explore, how we can understand vibrational activity through quantumphysics and the relativity theory of Einstein.

Who we are

We started as a small treatment centre in Bali, which is is the longest established Sound Institution in Bali. Soon we became internationally well known centre and have been visited by people from all over the world. Many prominent clients from art and politics have found their way into our little centre (like the dutch minister, japanese and american actors and musicians, a.s.o.). Currently our  teachings are heald in Singapore, Taiwan, Australia, Bali and Jakarta.

Patrizius, who is responsible for the teachings and treatments has an academic degree in psychology and a degree in alternative medicine. He developed a unique way to apply sound and vibrational treatments. His approach is through the mixture between consciousness and vibrational treatments, which finally seem to match with the spiritual approach of all religions. He has treated thousands of clients and trained hundreds of students.

How we work

We work with the aim to be easy accessable for everybody. This is why we keep a fair, easy affordable and transparent price structure. We give memberships to be able to learn with us for a reasonable investment.

Simple spiritual remedies

There is only a few qualities, which we all have to integrate into our lifes to becom hole: Gratitude, Trust and Forgiveness.

Life Guidelines

And there is only a few guidelines, which we have to keep to become hole: Simplicity, Generosity and Defenselessness.

Growing consciousness into the world

We understand the sound of the bowls being the voice of the soul. That our soul is heard as much as possible we want that the seed of this understanding goes to all places, where needed. To carry those seeds into the places needed, we invite birds to fly to us, pick up the seeds and bring them back into their home places, from where those seeds can grow and create new seeds, which birds can pick up and bring to new places. Therefore we invite people from all over the world to learn with us, to practice and if they feel drawn to this wonderful work to come back and attend our teacher training, so that they can spread out the understanding of the soul's voice into their own countries and regions. All birds coming shall be compassionate and tolerant with all what is and have an alive enthusiasm to live for a world that is dominated by our soul consciousness.