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We have developed therapeutic methods based on scientific knowledge and research combined with intuitive findings of our teachers, through working with thousands of clients and teaching hundreds of students. Our courses carry a understanding which will not only help you to use new tools, but may also allow you to integrate their inherent wisdom into your previous work, or into your complete life.


Sound Therapist Training

The Sound Therapist Training is a 4 level Training Programme.

Level I:  In the Sound Treatment Training I we show you how to apply a treatment for basic relaxation and introduce you into the philosophy of Sound Treatments.

Level II: In Sound Treatment Training II, you learn how to diagnose Chakra activity through practical tools and learn how to  cleanse and enhance Chakra activity through Sound. We also teach you how to apply a coupled Sound Treatment, where you learn how to  harmonize a couple with Sound.

Level III: The Sound Treatment Training III introduces you into the world of intuitive diagnostics. Those diagnostics may be similar to Reiki, nevertheless the training of sensitivity is only to understand one another and to use sound and vibrational tools to enhance or cleanse chakra activity. In this level you are also encouraged to create your own methods, through understanding what is causing the vibrational imbalance of the persons, coming to see us.

Level IV: Level IV is the ‘Master’ Level and we deepen our understanding in the field of Vibrational Treatments. In this level we try to understand the spiritual and psychological connections between imbalances and how to become complete and in vibrational harmony . Here it is more to consult clients on their life style and explore their thinking patterns, than it is to apply tools. To our understanding we become whole, if we free ourselves from the 3 poisons of ignorance, attachement and aversion and become consciously leaving beings, which live in peace with ourselves and what is surrounding us. This level is rather an exploration of your spiritual believe system.  In this level you will not learn any new tools, despite how to advise and consult clients.

6 days training (24h or 4 days intensive): Rp 5.500.000

3 days training (12h or 2 days intensive): Rp 3.000.000



Gong Workshop

2 days Workshop on how to use Gongs in a Sound Treatment (8 hours) Rp 2.000.000

Couple Treatment Workshop1

Workshop on how to use the Sound Treatment for Couples

Level I: basic Sound Treatment for couples (4 hours) Rp 1.000.000

Level II: Sound Treatment with specific part (4 hours) Rp 1.000.000