Light Spirit Training Programme


It all began with Sound. 

Once we started to give Sound Treatments we learned to listen and wanted to share, what we heard. In Sound Treatments we find the complexity of creation brought into the simplicity of sound. The sound of a bowl in interaction with our body may be able to tell us in a simple way, what our main challenge in life is. Laws of physics help us to understand how Sound Treatments work. Through the interaction of the bowl with our body a new sound appears, which is a language on its own.  This we call the voice of the Soul. It is the voice of the Soul, because it is not known to our mind, but understood from our heart, the seat of the soul.

It is so simple, that we do not need to learn it. But we all have believe systems, which make it difficult for us to experience the simplicity of a natural understanding. Therefore we offer intensive trainings, in which we share, how to come back to a simple way of thinking. We offer structures, how to interpret at the different tones and their meanings. Learning this language of the soul is a never ending process and the longer we learn the more we understand how limited our mind is in crasping the width of the wisdom of our soul.

As it all started with Sound, we ask all our students to attend Sound Treatment Training level 1&2, before they can enter any other training unit. In those two levels we share the philosophy and meaning of sound treatments. In those two levels you learn also how to apply a basic Sound Treatment for relaxation (level 1) and a specific treatment to improve and cleanse chakra activity (level 2).

Sound Treatment Training

The Sound Treatment Training is a 4 level training programme. In all levels we share the philosophy and understanding of such treatments. In our understanding it is even more important to understand what happens, when we give a sound treatment, than to apply it technically correct. We see it also as a treatment that does not give only the client an improvement on all levels, but can teach us to be detached, affectionate and free of ego. Those qualities any good therapist needs to be able to apply a treatment that can comfort a client and give them improvement on multiple levels and a sense of lightness.

Sound Treatment Training Level 1 (12 hours):

Introduction into the philosophy and understanding of Sound Treatments. We explore the meaning of interacting sound on the body through physics and natural laws. We create links to what this may tell us in a larger point of view of our being and we explore the meaning and interpretations of how this relates to the chakras. We teach you how to apply a treatment on the back and front for relaxation and well-being of clients. 

Sound Treatment Training Level 2 (12 hours):

In our level 2 unit, you learn how to create a treatment plan for the improvement of chakra activity through sound. You learn how to diagnose the chakras and how to cleanse and enhance their activity. This specific treatment may cause major shifts in the physical, emotional and spiritual levels of a client. 

Sound Treatment Training Level 3 (12 hours):

Entry requirement: Level 1 and 2 and having given 50 treatments. In this level you learn how to diagnose the chakras through feeling them (similar to Reiki or Pranic Healing) and learn how to make creative treatments. From this level on we rather like our students having a creative and free approach to improve the vibrational body with Sound. This is a creative and intuitive level, where we mostly focus on how to use our intuition as guidance for applying a meaningful and effective Sound Treatment.

Sound Treatment Training Level 4 (20 hours):

Level 4 is an exploration of the meaning of the Sound Treatments and how we can give meaningful interpretations. This leads into a counselling of our clients in a different way than any other approach, known in psycho therapy, psychology or spiritual counseling. We call it therefore psychospiritual counselling. Level 4 is therefore also the entry level into the training programme of a pscychospiritual counsellor.

Sound Treatment Teacher Training (60 h theory, 90 h practical):

To enter the Sound Treatment Teacher Training, the following requirements apply:
Sound Treatment Training Level 1 & 2
given at least 150 treatments 
Interview and demonstration of your skills

The Sound Treatment Teacher Training starts with a 20 hours training course, in which we repeat the philosophy and understanding of Sound Treatments and the practical application. You learn how to present those philosophies and learn how to teach students how to technically apply such a treatment. After those first 20 hours theory, you have to attend 5 training units of Level 1 & 2 training, two Gong workshops, two couple treatment Workshops and two community talks about the philosophy of Sound and its application. Afterwards you are invited to present, how you would teach our philosophy and our treatments. Once we find that you have understood the philosophy and the technical application we let you go out with a certificate to teach Level 1 and 2 of our treatments. 

Psychospiritual Counsellor College

To enter the psychospiritual Counsellor College you need to have attended, Sound Treatment Training Level 1 to 4, Consciousness Kinesiology Level 1 and 2, the 2 days Gong Workshop, the Couple Treatment Workshop, the Sound Meditation Workshop and at least two community talks about the philosophy of Vibrational Treatments.
Once you have attended all those entry requirement trainings, you can attend the one year online college to learn how to give counselling from a new approach, through combining the understanding of Psychology, Vibrational Medicine, Spiritual Understanding and Intuitive Therapy.
Module 1 (30 hours): Basic psychology 
Module 2 (30 hours): Spiritual understanding
Module 3 (30 hours): Counselling techniques and guidelines
Module 4 (50 hours): Practical application and implementation

International Co-ordinator Training

We invite all those who have an enthusiasm for our work to learn with us and organize a network for our teachers to bring the Voice of the Soul into the world. Hopefully this makes the peace and wisdom of our Soul spread into the world. To enter the international Co-coordinator Training, you need to have attended Level 1 & 2 of the Sound Treatment Training and at least 2 further workshops. We will interview than all candidates on their motivation to act as a co-coordinator for our work. It may also create and income or a contribution of income to the Co-coordinator, but the main aim should be the enthusiasm for our work. The Training Programme is a one week retreat in where we get to learn to know one another and explore the guidelines of doing our work with the upmost innocence and compassion for our fellow brothers and sisters in the world.

Schedule 2018


Time from 14.00 to 18.00



28th September until 2nd October 2019
Sound Treatment Teacher (Level I) Bali
4th until 10thOctober 2019 Sound Treatment Training (Level I&II) Bali
4h until 6th October 2019 Sound Treatment Training (Level I) Bali
8th until 10th October 2019 Sound Treatment Training (Level II) Bali
12th and 13th October 2019 Gong Workshop (Level I&II) Bali
28th November until 4th December 2019 Sound Treatment Training (Level I&II) Bali
28h until 30th November 2019 Sound Treatment Training (Level I) Bali
2nd until 4th December 2019 Sound Treatment Training (Level II) Bali
5th until 11th March 2020 Sound Treatment Training (Level I&II) Bali
5h until 7th March 2020 Sound Treatment Training (Level I) Bali
9th until 11th March 2019 Sound Treatment Training (Level II) Bali
14th until 20th May 2020 Sound Treatment Training (Level I&II) Bali
14h until 16th May 2020 Sound Treatment Training (Level I) Bali
18th until 20th May 2020 Sound Treatment Training (Level II) Bali

Summer Academy 2020

(15th July until 4th August 2019, classes can be attended individually)
15th until 21st July 2020 Sound Treatment Training (Level I&II)  
15th until 17th July 2020 Sound Treatment Training (Level I) Bali
19th until 21st July 2020 Sound Treatment Training (Level II) Bali
23rd and 24th July 2020 Gong Workshop (Level I&II)  
23rd July 2020 Gong Workshop (Level I) Bali
24th July 2020 Gong Workshop (Level II) Bali
26th July until 1st August 2020 Consciousness KinesiologyTraining (Level I&II)  
26th until 28th July 2020 Consciousness Kinesiology Training (Level I) Bali
30th July untill 1st August 2020 Consciousness Kinesiology (Level II) Bali
3rd until 4th August 2020 Pscyospiritual Counselling Practises Bali