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Tibetan Sound Treatment

In our harmonizing Tibetan Sound Treatment we induce deep relaxation by activating your parasympathic nerve system. This ancient treatment which has been used in Tibetan medical therapy for over 5000 years, has now been integrated into modern psychosomatic treatments, as clinical studies have proven it has therapeutic effects.

Cell harmonization is achieved through the vibrations of the singing bowls, which are laid on your fully clothed body. The vibrations encourage a relief of tensions and blockages, leaving your body feeling pleasantly light and freely vibrating.

In the Tibetan Sound Treatment you feel as if you are bathing in an ocean of harmonious sounds. Arising pictures, colours, memories and feelings, are often reported effects of this intensive treatment. After the treatment we will give you feedback on how to maintain the therapeutic effects, which you achieved through the treatment.

You may experience psychological and physiological changes through our Sound Treatments. People from all over the world have given us positive feedback on the amazing effects of this treatment, saying that since thay had it, they have noticed a marked improvement in both their physical and emotional well being.

60 minutes treatment: Rp 400.000

Therapeutic treatments

In our therapeutic Treatments we address specific health issues. These treatments are designed to address pain, allergies, traumas and all kinds of psychological or psychosomatic issues. Please ask our health specialists for a consultation to discuss how we can help you with your specific issue(s). The treatments may include Vibrational Kinesiology, Balancing through methods of Chinese Medicine, Psychological Counseling or Meditative Excercises.

45 minutes treatment: Rp 400.000

Angelic "Healing"

In our Angelic "Healing" we go together in a meditative prayer, where we ask the angels of God to join us and work on us. We are providing space for this to happen and understand, that whatever happens is an act of grace of God. Please understand, that angels are beings without material body and therefore only can serve us in matters of our soul and not in matters of our body. We are one with the angels in the immaterial realm and they serve us, to understand this realm better. Living in the duality of soul and body (immaterial and material realm) gives us challenges, which we may learn to manage with the help of angels. In such meditative sessions we may experience visions, out of body sensations and receive messages of how to proceed on our path.

45 minutes: Rp 400.000