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International co-operation

Patrizius occasionaly visits other regions and countries to share his knowledge about Vibrational medicine and Sound Therapy. He also gives talks and workshops in various fields to deepen the understanding of therapeutic work.

We look for helpers, who are willing to organize such international work in their countries and regions. Our aim is to be affordable for everybody, so the daily course fee of any training or workshop shall not exeed USD 125 per person and day, despite the translator fee, if needed. The helpers or organizers may keep 30% for their work and for providing a space for the training.

We are also specialized in teaching Sound Therapy for International Spas and Hotels or therapeutic schools. We have trained the Spa Therapists of various high end facilities around the whole world. Please contact us for details of such a training unit (recommended 4 days).

Patrizius also offers workshops and retreats to explore the spiritual meaning of Sound and how to relate it to the 3 poisons of Buddhism: attachement, hatred and delusion.

We are grateful for any invitations and honour all those, who help us to spread out the understanding of vibrational medicine and how it relates to the meaning of our being.