Sound Treatment

The Sound Treatment is the crown of all our treatments. It is a deeply relaxing and joyful treatment. The variety of bowls placed on your body together with large Javanese gongs creates an ocean of sounds, which will bring you into a different state. You may feel floating, see colors, images or memories passing. You may see yourself immersed in a different reality, which makes you feel to be on a inner journey, which may be beyond anything you have experienced before.

Even though this treatment seems so simple and joyful, it has the ability to create transformations on all levels. Through the interaction of the bowls with our body we hear ourselves in a language that is not known to our consciousness, but to our soul. Through this language we do experience a feeling of harmonization, but can transform in a mystical way. Mystic not because it has to do with something supernatural, but with the simplicity of listening to our deepest inner. Many of our clients report about spontaneous healing on a physical, emotional or spiritual level. It is not us, who can perform any of those miracles, but listening to something larger than us, deep within. We may call this God, Nirvana, emptiness or any name, which describes the source of our being. This is why we call Sound Treatments the Voice of the Soul :)

60 minutes Treatment:  Rp 400.000