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Welcome to Light Spirit

Light Spirit is a small training & treatment centre, specialising in Vibrational medicine and Sound Therapy.  Our teachings are based on scientific knowledge combined with intuitive wisdom. This knowledge and wisdom do not only help you to apply new tools, but can be carried into your previous work, or into your complete life!

Our mission

Our aim is to teach and apply treatments, which are in accordance to our understanding of the Buddhists, spiritual view: To avoid delusion and heal from the three main poisons of ignorance, attachment and aversion.

Who we are

Light Spirit is the longest established Sound Institution in Bali. We are an internationally well known centre, which has been visited by people from all over the world. Many prominent clients from art and politics have found their way into our little centre (like the dutch minister, japanese and american actors and musicians, a.s.o.).

Patrizius, who is responsible for the teachings and treatments has an academic degree in psychology and a degree in alternative medicine. He developed a unique way to apply sound and vibrational treatments. His approach is through the mixture between consciousness and vibrational treatments, which finally seem to match with the spiritual approach of all religions. He has treated thousands of clients and trained hundreds of students.